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The Top 3 Skype Emoticons

The reason why Skype has the emoticons is so you can express yourself in a variety of ways. It can spark fun topics or either cause someone to smile and think. People also use the emoticons to talk about their favorite hobby or movie that they are into. Some people use emoticons to even talk about the day, night or just nature.

If you are planning on using emoticons the one thing that you should learn is how to use them. It's very easy and quick. All that you need to do is copy and paste the emoticons into your instant messenger for your friends to see. If you don't know what kind of emoticons there are I have listed five of them to give you an idea of what all you can find.

Top 3 Skype Emoticons

Keypress - (wasntme)
Skype emotion for It Wasn't me
Are you in the mood to tease someone or are you really innocent about something? Tell the world the truth with this emoticon!

Keypress -:@:-@:=@ x( x-( x=( X( X-( X=(
Skype Angry smiley
Looks like someone has made you angry! Let them know and tell them that you don't like what they did and that you're upset with them. They should listen when they see the angry face being used.

Keypress - (party)
Party smiley
Is it your birthday or is another celebration going on? It does not matter why you want to party - what matters is that you express it!

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